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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Culottes & Boots

Dressing in sync with British weather can be very difficult, especially during the fall. As the temperatures go up and down throughout the day it's hard to decide which items to pick out from your wardrobe rail and which to leave hanging for a little bit longer. This brings us back to the 'transitional dressing' dilemma that I have mentioned in one of my posts this month, so today I'm demonstrating another outfit that can work well during the summer-autumn transition period. 

Culottes and boots (ankle or knee high) is a right-on-trend pairing, which allows you to combine comfort and chic-ness into one outfit. I have purchased this jumpsuit from Zara's recent collection and you can still find it in stores. I love how lose it is around my legs, as it easily allows to wear knee high boots and most importantly - i love the fabric. It doesn't crease!! Oh how I love a non-crease fabric! It is one of my biggest issues, as once I'm out, I stay out for the whole day, which usually means by the end of it my outfit shows every single line from every single "sit-down". Awful. A skinny scarf worn backwards adds more character to the whole look.

Shirt - H&M
Jumpsuit - Zara 
Scarf - Zara 
Boots - New Look (very old)


  1. this is such a cute outfit!!!! i would so wear this!

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