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Monday, 11 April 2016

Daily Basics

Whenever I produce content for my blog I always try to come up with the outfits that I consider interesting in order to be able to show you guys how much you can play around with your clothes. Whether it’s the Fashion Week in Kiev, London or New York, or a special occasion that I'm dressing for, I try to go a little bit further than jeans and T-shirt. Of course, occasionally I throw in a super casual outfit here and there but it is safe to say that those kinds of posts tend to sit in my drafts a lot longer than others... 

For that particular reason, I have decided to share with you today one of those super-casual outfits. An outfit that I can easily wear on daily basis when I'm running errands, just chilling out or simply cant be bothered to dress up. I feel like it’s important to show you how my every-day dressing looks like, a little contrast to the pre-planed "special occasion" looks. For me, throw-on-and-go outfits always consist of the basics like tees, plain jumpers and safe coats/blazers. I believe that a good shoe, such as this perfect pair of Hermés wedges, can lighten up even the most relaxed outfit. That’s why I always tend to invest in my footwear.  Fedora is always a good way to make it look like you've made a lot more effort with your outfit than you actually have. Or it can just be a cheaper and quicker alternative to a wash and blow dry :).

Top - Zara
Blazer - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Shoes - Hermés 

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