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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Easy Like A Sunday Morning...

There can be all sorts of Sundays in a girl's life. There's a productive - 9am gym session - Sunday, there is a lazy - movies in bed all day - Sunday and of course there's always a brunch Sunday. There is just something so great about getting out of bed just before midday and indulging in something that's considered breakfast at a much later hour than usual. Since most of us are usually pretty confident about our meal choices on such Sunday, it is not always as easy to pick a perfect attire for the occasion...

For me personally, Sundays will always be casual days if I am dedicating the day to myself and my friends/family. That is why there was no brainer about what I am going to wear - something casual, comfortable yet chic enough. Since PJ tops are still very much in, I threw a black one to match my trousers - perfect pairing for that desired Sunday comfort. When it came to introducing a little bit of chic to my look, i couldn't resist a high heel. Not necessarily the most comfortable choice of all, but I didn't have to walk a lot, so the heel didn't bother me at all. Since even my hair was in a serious casual mode, I figured heeled sandal was the only way to go!
Shirt - Zara 
Trousers - Cos
Shoes - Public Desire 

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  1. Love your outfit and I really need those heels in my life! They look so pretty!

    X Marjolein


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