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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pom-Pom Sandal Fever

The latest must-have staple in this season's wardrobe is the pom-pom gladiator sandal. Of course, it all starts right at the top of the league, with the luxury brands being at least five steps ahead of us all and setting the trend without even meaning to. Aquazzura and Alameda Turquesa have brought out the first styles for us to enjoy (and last over) at the sky-high prices, but fear not, as fashion moves fast and majority of high-street and online retailers now have their own version of the shoe...

I will not lie, I was very close to buying THIS beautiful sandal, and whilst I was writing list of justifications in my head, I was simultaneously surfing the net for a so-called “dupe”. I loved that particular pair so much, because it was very neutral compare to the other styles that I have seen and I just fell in love with that soft gold leather. It was so unusual and I was very sure that there would be no way in hell I will find something similar for a lower price. But, as always, persistence guarantees inevitability of the results! I have found a pair that looks basically the same (even cuter if you ask me!) for just a fraction of a price.  

Out of all places (Ebay - I know right!), one place where I only shop for the most random stuff, like wall decorations and storage dividers, I have found the most incredible Alameda Turquesa dupes! Not to mention that the pair that I bought from Ebay actually looks like the photo, fits well and on top of that, every pair is hand made. Since the purchase I have been wearing them non-stop and I am so keen to get more, as there are so many to chose from on the market right now. They are comfortable, playful and very feminine - all the things I could ask for this summer. So whether you are looking to splash out on a pair or do it on a budget, this shoes is an absolute must! 

Here are some styles that are currently available at a lower price: EGO, Solewish, Romwe, Missguided, Public Desire.

Dress- Romwe 
Shoes - Ebay 
Sunglasses - MiuMiu 


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  2. Your hair is everything and oh my, those sandals!!

    Feel free to visit me back!

    1. Thank you Mandy! Just had it done with an amazing colourist!


  3. the pon pon sandals are just SO adorable<333

    xx from Brighton
    Cate ღ kate/idoscope | youtube


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