What’s it like?

 I’m pretty sure that all of the brand driven and fashion loving girls have seen numerous films, on numerous occasions, about glamorous lifestyles of fashion magazine editors, or even their assistants, but not many have had the chance to experience what’s  it really like. 
Is it really what the films and books are making it out to be? Well, the answer is yes…

Okay, maybe not every editor has an office as luxurious as Miranda Priestly’s, and not every assistant is casually wearing Chanel thigh-high boots, but nevertheless the atmosphere of all-things-fashion is most definitely present. 

At Fabulous in particular, as well as fashion, there was also a presence of fun, warmth and lots of hard work, which I have found to be a perfect combination.

As an intern, you get to do a huge variety of tasks which include anything from making teas and coffees, to contacting many major fashion companies and organisations that are involved in magazine’s life. This opens up many opportunities to recommend yourself as a potential future employee. 

My personal experience with Fabulous has been great so far! I have enjoyed everything I got involved in today and  as a major bonus I get to assist at a cover shoot tomorrow through out the day. The experience which will definitely give me a few tips and tricks for the future :).

Such a shame that I only have two weeks with the magazine, but such a relief that today was only the first day!

If you are a fashion student and are looking to intern, please stay tuned as I will update you on my activities and progress, as well as my intern outfits. 

Do contact if you have any questions regarding this fab placement ;).


So many beautiful things to play around with.                                                                                        And so many things to get inspired from.


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  1. Selorm Tay
    September 17, 2013 / 10:50 am

    Glad you're enjoying your internship! Sounds so fun!!!Kisses xo, SelormShe Just Talks | sjtx.blogspot.co.uk

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