Kiev Diaries. Day 3

This is the last of the looks from Fashion Week in Kiev and hopefully last of the abroad journeys for at least few months. Never knew I could get so home sick, even despite the fact that I consider travelling one of the most incredible things to do. 

The Fashion Week in Ukraine has surprised me and has opened my eyes on the progression of the country in so many ways. Despite the tense political situation that’s taking place, fashion and lifestyle habits of many residents are closer to the Western world than ever before. I’ll tell you even more, the founder of the MBKFD, Daria Shapovalova is aiming to make Kiev the fashion capital of the Eastern part of the world, and with the recognition and international press coverage that the even has received this season, it looks like such aim could be achieved sooner than expected. Designers have shown great creativity in their collections, I personally loved so many items! With the right business perspective in mind, I believe many can become extremely successful on the international market. 

The only thing that I feel needs to develop further is the “street style” concept. Although many photographers were present (of course), including the one and only Nabile Quenum, I felt like the only people that were being photographed are well-known celebrities. The concept of photographing people for their clothes and not for who they are is pretty much non-existent in Ukraine at the moment, but it is something that can be easily resolved if the wish be. I adore the style of Ukrainian women, always so chic and glam but minimalistic at the same time. It is important for the world to see the amazing outfits they put together, as Fashion Week is not just about the designers but about the amazingly stylish guests that attend too. All-in-all it is obvious that the interest in Ukranian fashion is growing from international audiences and it is so amazing to see it progress so dramatically since the last time I visited the country in 2012. I wish Daria and her whole team further growth and progression and I hope to visit MBKFD again soon. 

London is next! 

Top – H&M

Trousers – H&M

Shoes – Ebay 


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