From “One Time” to “All the Time”

Don’t you just hate it when you purchase a brand new outfit for that one party and as soon as the party is over that outfit goes straight to the back of your wardrobe and sits there for good few years before you can even look at it again. Not because you didn’t like the outfit when you purchased it, but maybe because it was a statement piece that you’re not ready to wear again. Or maybe because you already took too many pictures in it, or maybe it is just simply not versatile enough. I’m not going to be afraid to speak for the majority of female population and say that numerous times small fortunes have been spent on something we have worn only once…

This lilac/grey-ish jumpsuit was certainly looking like one of those “one-time-only” items. I have purchased it for New Year’s Eve and was ready to write it off (in another words, put it up on Ebay), but then I decided to try it on one last time. Slowly I started pairing it up with various basics that I could find in my wardrobe and to my delight I discovered that it might be versatile enough after all. It worked perfectly with a classic white shirt and a black fedora, a look that will be so perfect for early spring. For now, though, I am wearing it on top of a black turtle neck to keep warm. The simple, yet funky Jimmy trainers make my look casual and perfect for everyday, a good balance to the totally over-the-top purple ostrich jacket! Just like in my post with a statement dress (here), this jumpsuit outfit proves that the key to successful experimentation is layering. So if you have any items that you’ve proclaimed as one-time pieces, try to experiment with them and you will be surprised how many new outfits you can create.

Shades – Miu Miu 

Jacket – Topshop

Turtleneck – Zara

Jumpsuit – Topshop

Shoes – Jimmy Choo


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