Does It Feel Like Autumn?

So  here we are again. The summer is over and autumn is slowly but surely creeping in.  And for me that means only one thing – if there is autumn, winter is not far behind. I am the worst when it comes to dealing with seasonal changes (warm-to-cold in particular) and truly believe I need to migrate to Australia as soon as possible for the sake of my mental health!

All jokes aside, autumn can be enjoyable. There is that slight excitement for layered fashion – jackets on jumpers, jumpers on shirts. Long walks in the park with a cup of coffee, crisp leaves rustling beneath our feet, with autumnal air just as crisp as those leaves. So very much like a scene from a Pushkin novel and so very magical. But before all that starts, there are the first, very early days of autumn. Pretty much identical to those we’ve had during summer, but with a slight breeze that allows you to wear ruffled shirts.

“There is that slight excitement for layered fashion – jackets on jumpers, jumpers on shirts…”

When I say ruffled shirts I refer to exaggerated, completely over the top ruffles. Just like the ones you are seeing on this white number I wore the other day. I love the versatility of this piece and think that it can be a perfect transitional item. Plus, can you imagine the beauty of it when the light wind blows and all those ruffles go crazy? (One tip on that though – don’t wear lipstick). I’ve paired it with comfy high-waisted jeans and to make sure that it is not a total “good-bye summer” look, I slipped on some pink mules with accessories to match. 

Shirt – H&M 

Jeans – H&M 

Shoes – EGO 

Bag – Gucci 


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  1. Andrea Steiner
    September 5, 2016 / 4:04 pm

    Beautiful style. Love it!xx, Andrea – Strawberries 'n'

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