Flamingo Beach – Aruba

Renaissance Private Island, or more commonly known as the Flamingo Beach, has been an absolute favourite amongst “Instagramable Destinations” category and has encouraged many of us to make quick adjustments to our bucket lists and put Aruba right at the top of them. I, of course was no exception to the flamingo craze, and have booked my flight to Aruba as soon as I could afford it. And whilst the beauty of it all is absolutely undeniable, is it really worth your money?

Firstly, shall we take into account your flights and accommodation to Aruba? If so, you are looking at around £1,700 price mark for a few cute Instagram photos with flamingos. Pretty large price to pay for that “dreamy” Insta feed is you ask me. However, if you are planning to travel to Aruba just because it is an incredible Caribbean island and not only because of the pink birds, then we can look at the Renaissance Island as an excursion. An excursion that will cost you $99 if you are not a guest of the Renaissance Hotel, which for many people is still a lot of money (did I mention that $1 change is never given back to you?). Anyway, let’s break it down and see what exactly you can get for your money. 

Transportation and Food 

Well, firstly you get transported to the Island on a private speedboat, which will allow you to take in some incredible views – a good start to the experience. The same boat will take you back to the main Island of Aruba whenever you wish and it arrives as regularly as every 15 minutes. 

You are free to stay on the island for as long as you like and one meal from the grill bar, as well as one cocktail are included in your ticket. The food was delicious and so were the Pina Coladas, however if you want to get any additional drinks be prepared to pay $5 each time your’e feeling the thirst. In addition, very few people have one meal a day, therefore be also prepared to buy extra snacks, which again, are not cheap. 

The Beaches 

Once you are on the Island, you can relax on one of the many beaches, including the famous Flamingo Beach and for the extreme lovers – Iguana Beach – no thanks! The scenery is close to heavenly. I haven’t been anywhere more therapeutic in my life than this beautiful little place. My favourite part was the many hammocks that were scattered around the island and set right on the edge of rocky pathways, giving you the most incredible views as well as a refreshing breeze from the sea. having said thIS, every single beach in Aruba is incredible and most of them are actually free of charge.

The Flamingo Beach in particular was much quieter than I expected, which has made my experience so much more enjoyable. The birds are incredibly beautiful, calm and graceful. They are very friendly and are happy to eat from your hand all day, every day. Of course, if you want to feed the flamingos, you have to pay their food too, basically speaking not much here is for free. 

I didn’t dare to make an appearance on Iguana Beach, as there was more than enough of them everywhere else on the Island, but if you are a lover of such creatures, then please do visit and let me know how you get on!


Even though we could stay on the Island for as long as we wanted to, we have arrived around 11am and left at 3pm. At the end of the day, it is just a bunch of beautiful beaches, which, like I’ve mentioned already, there are plenty of in Aruba anyway and there is only so much sunbathing one person can take a day.

Despite the ridiculous charge that includes pretty much nothing in the package, I must say that being able to see these beautiful birds so close and spend so much time with them was definitely worth the price-tag for me. It is certainly not the type of bird that I would ever get to see anywhere outside of this Island and overall experience was extremely relaxing, magical and breathtaking. 

So if you are a spender and not a budgeter on holiday, I would say don’t even think twice. If the price of this attraction scares you and you consider it ridiculous (the word that many tourists used refusing to visit the island), I would still recommend going, as the flamingos will definitely change your mind in a heartbeat.

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