Milano Street Style

Coming to a new city is always exciting and always encourages me to be a little more unusual with my outfits and the way i present myself. I usually try to match my appearance to the country that I’m going to – floaty trousers in Dubai, denim cut offs and bikini tops in Aruba and pretty much just anything in London. When traveling to Milan this season, I hardly had any time to plan or pack my outfits and just ended up throwing a bunch of clothes in my suitcase without trying it on. Maybe that explains why in this look I am getting more of a French vibe than Italian…

French wool beret and pearls, nothing can be more Parisian, but my trail of thought worked something like this: Parisian – means European – European means Italian, and it worked! Monochrome colour way definitely makes any outfit pretty universal, and nothing speaks international language of fashion better than a great accessory. Adding a pearl chain to my Kelly Wallet has transformed into a micro bag, which might not have been very practical, but it sure has made a statement. Shades, are a must, and these Kapten & Son could not have matched better. Designed with travellers in mind, they are super light and practical, as well as beautiful. 

Jacket – Topshop 

Blouse – H&M 

Sweater – Mango 

Boots – Hermes 

Bag – Hermes 

Beret – Asos 

Sunglasses – Kapten & Son 


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