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Since 2016 has been one of the worst years for me, I am not going to talk too much about it and just be thankful for the fact that we’re one week into a new year. New year – new me, new year – new start… I know many people don’t believe in all that, truth be told neither did I until now. This year it is different, this year it is a new me and changes will be made. I know I could write a page or ten about the changes I want to make and how 2017 will make me a new person, but all of that is way too personal, not to mention boring, to be spoken about on the blog. Instead, let me keep my focus on something everyone can relate to… New year – new wardrobe! That’s more like it…

Whether it’s trying out new trends, new brands or even new silhouettes, we all feel the need to experiment when the new year arrives. Can I be a sexy bodycon-dress babe this year? Or can I rock some high-waisted trousers Grace Kelly style? Maybe I can try and upgrade my Zara to Zimmermann? (the answer is no in my case)… Whatever you might want to try, there is no time like the present. That is why I have started this year’s wardrobe update with a brand that I haven’t purchased from before – Very.co.uk. The selection, is of course, endless but I’ve decided to go for this super cute flare-sleeve jumper, which is so on trend and really reminds me of all the floaty, frilly blouses I wore during summer. Waxed biker trousers complete this look by adding some edge to the girly knit. Add some oversized sunnies, and there is the first look of 2017!

Jumper – Very 

Trousers – Very 

Jacket – Zara

Shoes – Christian Louboutin 


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  1. фея
    January 12, 2017 / 9:33 am

    Добрый день! Ага, теперь ясно… А то я сразу и не понял где тут связь с названием…Извините конечно, но теперь о самом главном! Хотела рассказать всем про каре классическое, и к тому же прически бесплатно, а так же молодёжные комедии про школу и любовь и в конце-концов есть ещё поменять прическу онлайн бесплатно.

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