As the temperatures have risen in London recently, all I can think about is pastel pinks, frilly blouses and a full on Spring/Summer rooftop vibe. However, many are only just about to experience their first snow of the year at one of the skiing resorts across Europe. In fact, skiing season in major resorts like Austria, Switzerland and France doesn’t end until beginning of April – that’s almost two months of snowboarding, skiing, sledging or simply alcohol-in-a-chalet-drinking. So if you are planning to take a trip to one of the above destination, or any other destination where temperature goes below zero, keep reading for an overview of “winter proof” clothing…

1. The Professional

You are in your absolute element on the slopes. Skiing, snowboarding or even amateur bobsleigh – you name it – you can do it all! You need gear that is very comfortable, very flexible, very breathable, very professional. Every detail must be included, from ventilation openings to those funny little hooks at the bottom of your trousers that clip on to your boots. I definitely thought I was “The Professional” on my first few days until few hard falls made me do a little reality check – turns out I wasn’t as great as I imagined I would be.

And while I’m still learning and trying my best to perfect my snowboarding skills, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy dressing up like a pro in head-to-toe Nevica skiing range. Sold on Sports Direct website, this brand offers absolutely everything for those who are serious about their winter sports – from gloves, to goggles, to boots and jackets. The biggest amazement of all, is how greatly priced the items are – with current sale, such professional pieces for such reasonable prices is an absolute bargain to be grabbed! 

Jacket – Nevica 

Trousers – Nevica 

Gloves – Nevica 

Boots – Nevica 

Jumper – Zara 


You, just like The Professional, love the slopes even though they don’t necessarily love you back. You are very keen to try all of the winter sports, but you’re better at riding a huge rubber ring down the kids slope than a professional snowboard down a high lift. It doesn’t matter though, as trying is the first step to achieving! Your clothes are somehow practical and adapted to the sports, but the fur trim on that jacket was really what has sold it to you… 

As much as I, personally, would love to be the pro in this post, I think I will be placing myself in The Fashionista category. That is why, first thing I did when I found out about my upcoming trip to Norway is check out Topshop SNO range. I just loved the Zebra coord, as well as other million items in their range. The biggest selection I have seen is in Oxford Street store, however Net-a-Porter and Topshop Online also have a good selection. I can genuinely say that the jackets are so so warm, I didn’t even have to worry about countless under-layers. On top of it all, who can resist an oversized fur trim hood!

Coord – Topshop SNO

Boots – Nevica

3. The Observer

This type of winter holidaymaker might possibly be the most popular one (forgive me if I’m wrong). You came on a skiing trip because all of your friends were going and skiing or snowboarding was never your intention. You love to chill by the chalets with a delicious drink in your hand and observe everyone else around you who is crazy enough to even attempt any of the sports. Hike in the forest will possibly be pushing your limit but you still give it a go as you want to get as much as you can out of this experience. You are looking glam with your big hair and perfect make-up. Oh, and there is no way you are wearing those huge puffy trousers!

Sounds a little bit like me on our last day – guilty! The trousers are now gone and I’ve replaced them with thermal, super thick black leggings, which you can buy absolutely anywhere. The jacket is Topshop SNO in all white, which is definitely super glam, as it is gathered in at the waits with a nice little belt. Because I was a lot less active on this day and didn’t do any sports, I knew I had to layer up in order not to get really cold. *Just a little tip – your toes and fingers suffer the most!* On my body I had multiple thermal layers, and on my feet two pairs of socks as well as these adorable Muck Boots. They have thick fleece lining inside and waterproof leather to keep your feet warm and cosy no matter the weather. Faux fur trip is also ideal and looks great with leggings or even jeans! 

Jacket – Topshop SNO (sold out)

Boots – Muck Boot

General Tips

Whatever category you fall under, just remember that layering is the absolute key to staying warm in cold countries like Norway. 

Thermals are great, but fluffy “cosy” leggings from Primark kept me much warmer than any thermal I’ve ever tried. I can say the same thing when I was in New York last year. 

Good quality boots are really important, if you are going to save some pennies, this is not the item to do it on! Muck Boots I found really comfortable and extra warm. 

Try your boots on! Most of mine I had to go half a size up – when the boots are small they slow down your blood circulation therefore making your feet really really cold.



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