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Since I’ve started a new job, traveling out of London hasn’t been particularly easy. And when you spend months and months in the same place, even a versatile city like London can seem rather repetitive. This is why I am always on look out for new and unusual places to visit and, of course, use them as shoot locations simultaneously!

The place in today’s post isn’t particularly new – Coppa Club Tower Bridge , as I’ve visited it during Christmas time. However few weeks ago I’ve received that typical mailing list e-mail (finally something good has come out of those!) telling me about the new revamp that the place has had for the summer.

Their winter igloos have been all over Instagram since the day the concept has been launched. Come summer and new, even more amazing idea has taken place – Tulum themed igloos! Since I haven’t been in Tulum personally, I cant particularly judge on the resemblance, but one thing I can say for sure – it is absolutely beautiful!

The atmosphere is just amazing and you do genuinely feel like you are amongst tropical surroundings, far away from the hustle and bustle of a busy London life. The food was great too – winter menu was delicious from what I remember and the summer version didn’t disappoint either. The only bit of warning – breakfast granola only comes with dairy yoghurt. Even though my mouth enjoyed it a lot, my stomach suffered afterwards, but I guess you can’t please everyone!






When it comes to the outfit – I kept it pretty simple that day. Nothing like a white simple dress on a hot day in London. It is definitely airy, yet feels sophisticated for a busy city – trying to avoid that “on the beach” vibe.

I mean, maybe I am contradicting myself, as nothing says more “beach” than a straw hat and a straw bag to match haha! My favourite part – always the shoes. 120mm Christian Louboutin wedges – I guess you could say they’re comfortable, but most importantly they are beautiful!

If you are looking for a gorgeous hang-out spot this summer or a place to take a loved one on a romantic dinner – I definitely suggest this location. Just be sure to book way in advance as those igloos are simply too popular to be left unoccupied for very long!

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  1. May 30, 2018 / 9:56 am

    wow the food looks amazing and i absolutely loveeee your dress xx

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