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Isn’t it just so crazy how much a person can change over the period of few years, or even over a few months? Those changes often happen due to certain circumstances and events that make us act one way or another and adjust ourselves accordingly. Whether is positive or negative change, from eating habits to work ethics – most of the time you can find an explanation for the change in your, or maybe even someones else’s, behaviour. But how about the changes we make when it comes to our style?

Unless an individual marries a Royal and their style gets to be dictated by whomever it is that dictates Royal style – there has never been a clear reasoning (in my eyes anyway), why people chose to go from girly to edgy to punk to girly again.

I feel like recently I might have had a little bit of a transition myself. And  once again – I have no idea why my preferences have changed.






Having swapped most of my heels for wedged sandals or trainers, I feel like I am stepping away from my usually preferred “evening glamour” looks and overly girly outfits. Don’t get me wrong, my shoe collection still mainly consists of 100mm Louboutin stilettos, but on a daily basis I have become so much more casual.

Even the look in this post – a beautiful, potentially over-the-top dress, has been brought right back down to earth by a very casual old denim jacket. It is safe to say that I will forever remain somehow girly, but I am absolutely loving the edge that can be added to feminine fabrics and looks and I am having so much fun experimenting with it at the moment!

How about you? What is your style like right now and has it changed at all in the past year or so?


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