As the Christmas is almost on our doorsteps, the city is now full of stunning cafes that have been decorated for the occasion. Huge Christmas trees, ball-balls, balloons – you name it. I absolutely love the build up to Christmas, including the decorations, of course, but sometimes it can get a little bit overwhelming, don’t you think? I mean, if you have seen the Ivy Chelsea Garden on King’s Road, you will know what I mean! – Hello “over the top” (and this is coming from the person who LOVES Christmas)

Anyway, few days ago I was searching for a cafe that has a sleek and stylish interior (no ball-balls :D), yet serves delicious coffee too! Central London seemed to be out of the question, so i decided to look around my own area. It’s funny though, as I do think not many of us consider our own neighbourhoods that special – for some reason the grass is always greener on the other side isn’t it? Not this time though, as I’ve rediscovered this absolute gem in the heart of Wimbledon!

Super sleek interior in navy/brown tones (my favourite at the moment), huge amounts of space and daylight, as well as an outdoor rooftop terrace – dream come true! Luckily my outfit matched as well :). I am curious to see what you think – I tried to focus more on the interior of this place rather than on my own fashion (however the outfit is still linked below). Do you find interior posts interesting at all? Would you like to see more location recommendations on my blog? Let me know in comments!

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