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IMG_6378 (Priime Stumpdogs)Just over a month or so after my trip to Quinta Do Lago, I am finally finding the time to put all of my emotions onto the paper (metaphorically speaking, of course). Very different from my expectations, this resort has blown me away with it’s charm, beauty and attention to detail. Four short days left me with memories rich enough to fill up pages, but let me try and condense the most important points into one post.

Quinta Do Lago is a stunning gated community in the Algarve region of Southern Portugal. Consisting of several golf courses, trendy restaurants, grand villas and a stunning sandy beach, it is a true hidden gem! Not to mention The Campus – state of the art multi-sport complex offering everything from yoga to tennis classes (me and Lolita have particularly enjoyed our yoga class here!).

Real estate is another subject all together! With vila prices ranging from several millions and more, it is safe to say that finding somewhere beautiful to stay here isn’t a problem. Actually, a place to stay is what I would like to highlight the most in this post, as we were lucky enough to stay at the stunning Magnolia Hotel. IMG_4970 (Priimer Beach) (Priime Stumpdogs)A8711A2D-FC16-4439-AD2B-951F0448D11AThe interior pays homage to the 1950’s motor-hotel and is giving off serious Palm Springs vibes with those striped sun umbrellas and neon signs. I couldn’t chose my favourite corner if I tried, but the pool area is definitely a good place to start! Also one of the reception rooms with pink and mint-green accents is absolutely stunning during the sunset as the huge windows let in all of the golden light.

Also worth mentioning is the gorgeous bar, which starts on the inside of the hotel and stretches all the way out to the outdoor pool area. Tiled with green palm tree leaves, it further adds to the California feel of the whole place. You can grab yourself a cocktail from morning time, until the late evening – we usually started early :).

The hotel is conveniently located within just a few minutes drive from the beach and is a walking distance to some of the great food spots, including some of my favourites – The Shack, Dano’s and Bovino. Just as an FIY, the best octopus I have ever tried can be order at The Magnolia Hotel Restaurant – just minutes walk from your room!

Prior to this trip I haven’t heard of Quinta Do Lago before and to be so pleasantly surprised was the best feeling. I have totally fallen in love with this location, as well as the hotel. So this is exactly why I wanted to share this experience with you so that, hopefully, you would have the desire to discover it for yourself. And to make it a little easier, I have teamed up with The Magnolia Hotel who are offering 10% discount on all bookings from June until December. In addition, you will be welcomed with free drinks and a stunning VIP package in your room upon your arrival.

So if you are looking for a short break or a longer stay, look no further, as Quinta Do Lago is absolutely perfect! All you have to do is to use the code OLIEDEAL when booking, but be sure to book quickly, as the discount code will only last until the 30th of June!

Would love to know if you do go!

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